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    May 2021
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    Workshop tooling equipment

    Workshop tooling equipment.

    The final effect of a given work is often determined by the proper equipment of the workshop with tools. Having all the tools, Instruments and machine tools is undoubtedly the dream of many DIY enthusiasts. Unfortunately, nor the material conditions, neither the size of the home workshop usually allows it. So it's best to start your toolkit by reviewing these, that are in the house, and then think over and make an inventory of all the necessary. At the beginning of the list we will place the most frequently used tools and those actually necessary for a given technology of work.

    Radioamator, e.g, an electric soldering iron is a must, tweezers or a simple multimeter. He could use a micrometer as well, taps etc., but due to their relatively high price, they can be dispensed with.

    For a handyman who prefers carpentry, saws will be necessary, planes and clamps for gluing elements, while the soldering iron, let alone a measuring instrument, e.g.. voltmeter, will be completely unnecessary.

    DIY enthusiasts with strictly focused interests will have no problem with completing all the necessary tools. DIY enthusiasts with various interests are in a more difficult situation, who are engaged in metalworking, glasses, wood, plastics and electrical components or electronic devices. The collection of various tools for universal use is not easy and expensive.

    So it is worthwhile to contact someone with similar interests and buy a full set of tools for the company, which will be used alternately, depending on current needs.

    Regardless of the method of gathering the necessary tools, however, this problem must be solved calmly and slowly, so as not to miss anything, and at the same time ensure the possibility of performing a large number of technological operations in the future. Even though some tools and utensils are quite expensive, however, when bought from time to time, they allow you to gradually develop your workshop properly.

    When buying tools, consider only their quality and suitability. Sometimes it makes sense to buy a more expensive and better tool, because it will serve us for many years and will guarantee proper operation with relatively little effort.

    After all, let's remember, that even the best tools will quickly deteriorate and become unusable, if not properly maintained, sharpened, and mostly used for the right purpose. A carpentry chisel used to drive screws into wood, for example, will be damaged by a chipping; his blade is very hard and brittle at the same time. The screwdriver will bend, its handle may break, and the metal will not cut anyway, because screwdrivers are made of steel much less hardened than the steel used to make cutters.

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