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    May 2021
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    Wooden flowerbed

    Wooden flowerbed

    A variety of potted flowers decorate apartments, not always their pots, however, often battered and cracked, make a pleasant impression. Narrow window sills of contemporary rooms are not suitable for decorative plants, the more that they are heated from below by radiators, and cooled in advance by cold air streams entering through leaky frames. So let's build a flowerbed, which can be set in optimal conditions for flowers.

    We know from practice, that some plants are more, while others are less demanding in terms of weather conditions. Ferns are very demanding plants, whose beneficial effect on the negative ionization of the air in the apartment is well known. Ferns are large and branchy plants, requiring a spacious room. It is for this reason that the proposed flowerbed is especially useful for growing ferns, which can find their permanent place on the floor near the window (light).

    The flowerbed consists of slats: thickness 15 mm, width 35 mm and different lengths, connected by horizontal length strips 280 mm. After folding, the flowerbed forms a structure, with a square base made of plywood or a suitable blockboard, also thick 15 mm, with dimensions of 290×290 mm.

    The construction of the flowerbed should begin with the preparation of all mounting elements. The figure shows the dimensions and number of elements necessary to build one side of a flowerbed. So you need to prepare such a set of slats on each side.

    Finished strips, carefully carved and sanded with sandpaper, are joined with glue and φ 3 wood screws×25 mm. After the glued sides of the flowerbed are dry, prepare four slats connecting the sides with a triangular cross-section (F) and "floors" (G), and then the entire surface of the wood is protected against contamination with a colorless nitro varnish or, even better, with the use of polyurethane clear varnish used e.g.. for painting boats.

    To get nice, uniform wood coating, you have to paint them at least three times.

    The final assembly of the flowerbed is carried out according to the drawing, by connecting individual elements with wood screws, passing through triangular corners, and pasting the "floor", preferably vicol, between the openwork sides of the flowerbed and additionally strengthening the connections with φ 4 wood screws×40 mm. The "floor" is screwed to the bottom horizontal strips connecting the side elements.

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