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    August 2021
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    Wood floor cost planning and material specification

    Wood floor cost planning and material specification

    The decision to change the floor in an old apartment or the choice of a floor in a new apartment will always be determined by the tenant's financial and time possibilities as well as the availability of necessary materials on the market.

    The cost of wood flooring and finishing materials is very high today. This is due to a number of factors. For an average flat with a living space 60 m² is used for 63— 66 m² of mosaic or parquet flooring (5—10% margin for cutting), 60 mb. baseboards, 6 l Capon varnish, 18 l chemically hardened varnish and 60 kg of stave glue.

    With the current prices for these materials, their total cost will be several – several thousand zlotys.

    Can material costs be reduced? Assuming self-performance, probably not. The above-mentioned costs relate to good quality materials, usually I or II quality class. They also include the necessary reserves. We do not recommend anyone to buy materials of much inferior quality, at a significantly lower price or stock reduction, because it can lead to it, in the absence of experience in making a floor to a completely unsuccessful investment. And you have to remember, that it is to serve us for many years. We have already assumed cost savings in our own work, and the profit therefrom is about 50-60% of the material cost.

    This is the cost of the outsourced services.

    The best time to lay wood floors is early spring, at the end of the heating period. You can then; previously purchased parquet, the mosaic or boards should be seasoned for 2-4 weeks, by adjusting their humidity to the humidity in rooms. Is obvious, that this period will seldom suit us. Time of settling new apartments, family considerations, vacation and others, they impose their own deadlines and we rarely have any influence on them. However, you can buy flooring well in advance and always find a corner (even if, at friends) for its seasoning. We then have a guarantee, that the material has been properly dried and will not “work” after laying.

    Dry rooms are suitable for the seasoning of flooring materials, airy, with central heating. The main requirements to be seasoned are - floor timber and parquet. Floor boards and mosaic tiles, due to the type of packaging, they are rarely damp, The seasoned material should be stacked - boards with spacers, parquet - crosswise. This material is best purchased in the fall or early winter. There will then be sufficient time for its seasoning,

    Knowing the approximate amount of material costs and the approximate date of work, you should start to develop a list of necessary materials and specify the costs.

    The amount of costs may be determined by the choice of the type of wood floor covering. So a few comments on this.

    Planed coniferous floor sawn timber is rather unsuitable for floors in multi-family housing. It cannot be attached directly to a concrete substrate, and laid on joists or the so-called. the sub-floor greatly reduces the height of the apartment. It can be used in single-family housing, but its planning should come in advance, already at the building design stage (height) and taken into account in the technology of making ceilings.

    Other flooring materials, so floor boards, mosaic tiles and planks are equally suitable for floors in buildings- and multi-family. They are glued directly to the concrete substrate. The cheapest and easiest to install are floor boards. The most expensive and the most difficult to arrange are parquet floors made of staves. However, they are the most durable and, depending on the arrangement pattern, the most aesthetic. They have a thick wear layer and are permanently connected with each other with a tongue and groove. Floorboards are cheaper by 30— 50% from the dance floor, they are relatively easy to arrange, but they require a perfectly even surface and precise gluing. Due to the small dimensions of the slats, from which they are compiled, they are especially suitable for small rooms.

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