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    May 2021
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    Wood as a building material

    Wood as a building material

    Wood as a construction and finishing material it owes its popularity to its lightness and strength properties that are sufficient for many applications. It is one of the most commonly used materials in construction and interior finishing. They are used as flooring material, boazerie, for making roof trusses, fences, altanek, world, drewutni, furniture and toys. All wood enthusiasts emphasize, that when properly prepared and preserved, it is the only one that does not adversely affect human health. Its charm is also unique: a wealth of forms, textures and colors makes, that both wooden structures, as well as interior elements are original and have their own unique style.

    Wood after processing and final use as waste generated in the production of various types of wood is used for the production of fiberboards, particle board, OSB, plywood, etc., which are also a material for making many everyday objects.

    The advantages of wood

    • corrosion is less than that of many building materials ( with proper impregnation),
    • the weight of the timber structure is less compared to the steel structure,
    • it is easy to work with and install,
    • adjusts to changes resulting from external or internal forces (e.g.. wind, work of building elements),
    • it is a good thermal and electrical insulator,
    • structures made of wood are cheaper than those made of other materials(excluding exotic wood imported from South America. or Africa.)
    • does not show any harmful effects on the human body,
    • is an ecological material, renewable,
    • it is decorative and unique.

    Wood defects

    • it is an easily shrink material,
    • long items are more likely to shrink and warp,
    • breaks easily in changing weather conditions,
    • it is susceptible to fungi, mold and insects,
    • it is flammable.

    Proper care and protection of wood, mainly consisting in its impregnation, ventilation, insulation from moisture and the ground, as well as protection against sun rays and insects, can largely eliminate the above-mentioned disadvantages.


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