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    August 2021
    P W S C P S N

    Wall panels made of ready-made veneered boards

    Wall panels made of ready-made veneered boards

    In retail sale, you can find veneered boards which, after cutting and making a groove for a foreign tongue, can be used for carpeting. In general, these boards do not have a symmetrical veneer pattern. The best materials for carpeting are boards covered with oak wood, limby (pine trees), ash and maple.

    Installation of the lining from ready-made veneered boards

    Just like under the floor covering, first prepare a perfectly even grate. It was described in the article - Preparation of the base for the floor covering.

    Elements made of veneered boards can be fixed in various ways. Seems, that the best method of assembly is fastening with sheet metal flat bars (Lynx. a, b).

    Drawing. Methods of attaching veneered elements to the grate: a, b) by means of a plate screwed with two screws from the bottom to the boards and one from the top to the grate, c) fastening with screws or nails (only for small parts).

    The dimensions of the elements may vary. Fastening the elements with screws guarantees high strength of the joint. The use of self-tapping screws further increases the durability. The method of attachment is as follows. To the back of an element placed on a soft pad (blanket etc.) we screw flat bars in these places, in which the grate is located. We leave the part of the flat bar protruding beyond the edge of the element at the back, in order not to damage the side surface of the element when screwing it to the grate. An excessively protruding flat bar is also undesirable, because it weakens the joint. Screw holes or drilled, or we mark with a thin punch.

    Installation of floor coverings made of veneered boards with a plinth.

    The plinth of the wall covering emphasizes the transition from floor to wall. In general, plinths of the same wood as the floor covering are used. A sufficient relief can be obtained by moving the plinth 5-10 mm closer to the wall. Then, thinner slats for the grate are placed under the plinth (drawing).

    The direction of the wood fibers and the width of the plinth can be identical to the lining elements (Lynx. a) or the course of the fibers may be perpendicular to the course of the fibers of the floor covering (Lynx. b). The plinth elements are nailed directly to the grate strip. Additionally, glue can also be used, e.g.. wikol (Lynx. c).

    Drawing. Veneered wall covering with a plinth: a) the direction of the fibers and the width of the plinth elements are identical to those of the wall covering, b) plinth elements arranged perpendicular to the direction of the wall covering elements, c) plinth element - cross section: 1 - carpet element, 2 - normal thickness grate strip (20 mm), 3 - plinth, 4 - dispersion adhesive, 5 - the plinth scaffolding strip is 5-8 mm thinner.

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