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    June 2021
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    Varnishing and polishing floors

    Varnishing and polishing floors

    The last finishing step is varnishing or polishing. These are treatments that conserve the floor and protect it against moisture and abrasion. In addition, these treatments give the floors an aesthetic appearance. Each type of wood should be protected against darkening caused mainly by the action of light with Capon varnish. It is varnished with a flat brush, 10-12 cm wide, using generally known painting techniques. Pastes are applied to the capon varnish layer (waxy, paraffin, etc.) or chemo-curable varnishes.

    The pastes do not protect the floor against moisture. They also require frequent polishing (polishing) in order to give the floor the proper shine. Chemically hardened varnishes are much more durable.

    Due to the colorlessness of the varnish, painting should be carried out in stripes with a clear separation border on the floor. This will avoid the possibility of omitting unpainted parts. Brush distribution movements should run along the wood fibers. This is especially true of the last painting.

    In the absence of matte varnish, practitioners recommend using glossy varnish with the addition of two teaspoons of talcum powder for one liter of varnish.. A matte surface is then obtained.

    After sanding the varnish, remove the residues with a vacuum cleaner or wipe with a slightly damp cloth. The surface must be perfectly clean before the next coat is applied.

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