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    May 2021
    M T W T F S S

    Tools for repairing furniture

    Knife and cutter

    The knife and cutter are tools, which have many uses. They will be useful for cutting veneers, removing paint residues or dirt.

    Tarniki, files, blades

    Rasp is a type of file with thick triangular teeth, which are used for the pre-treatment of wood. The rasps tend to be flat, semicircular and round. Files are less sharp than rasps, but harder. The file is also used for grinding and cleaning wood, but more superficially. The abrasive part of the file is finer, because it is essentially used for surface finishing, before being sanded.


    Various saws are used to work with wood. A chainsaw works best, which has a metal reinforcement on the upper edge to keep the blade stiff, or a hand saw, used for cutting veneers and making cross cuts. The electric saw turns out to be very handy in the case, when we do not plan too precise cuts or we do not intend to cut thick boards.


    These tools of various shapes are used to make small cuts, depressions or grooves. It is worth getting chisels of various lengths, as well as a set of blades designed for various jobs.

    Wood hammers

    The shape of the hammer depends on its intended use; for example, a medium-sized carpentry hammer can be used for nailing and pulling nails. It is also worth having a wooden hammer at hand, necessary for carpentry work. By hitting the wood with such a hammer, we are sure, that we will not destroy the surface of the object undergoing renovation.


    It is worth taking care of a set of the most popular flat and star screwdrivers. A screwdriver will be helpful, if we fit it perfectly to the screw head.


    Drills are very useful, if we want to mark the point where the nail is nailed or if we are going to screw in the screw.


    The vice is an indispensable tool for pressing the elements, which we want to connect with each other using any glue. It also allows you to hold the wood while it is being processed or cut.

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