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    June 2021
    P W S C P S N

    Think of an ecological house

    Think of an ecological house

    Today, more and more people find in themselves the need to protect and associate with nature. From crowded and polluted cities, they move to the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle. Due to the short construction time and growing popularity, frame houses are more and more often built in Poland. Some people are hard to convince to build energy-saving ones, ecological and modern homes. Maybe that's why, that Scandinavian construction is based on the highest quality wood, which is difficult to find in Poland, or maybe a conviction about it, that a wooden house can only be a house for the summer season.

    Nothing could be more wrong. With the use of appropriate technologies, preparation and storage of building materials and compliance with the methods of erecting and finishing houses by qualified professionals, our home should be comfortable, meet all standards and conditions, and serve us for years. The base of the building is a skeleton made of good quality softwood. All substitutes and lower-quality materials will be responsible for the disadvantages of our home in the future. Wood prepared for the frame should be chamber dried.

    This method of drying prevents the appearance of mold and fungi. Another important element is being adequate, properly made insulation that protects the house from moisture, wind and changing weather conditions. On the one hand, proper selection and arrangement of insulation layers will contribute to the proper protection of the house, on the other hand, it will not restrict or interfere with air circulation.

    If all the work on building the house will go smoothly, we can be sure, that our house will meet all the conditions of an ecological house. It will be easy to warm and maintain, and its form and shape will perfectly fit into the landscape. My, however, we will be able to enjoy close contact with nature and a beautiful home for many years.

    What heating for a frame house?

    Frame houses due to their light structure, they have little ability to accumulate heat and are easily cooled down. Despite the, that wooden walls do not keep warm, they are very easy to accept them and a cooled house can be quickly heated., can burn your house down. A traditional fireplace certainly looks dignified and elegant in wooden interiors, but tan is a real threat.

    Therefore, you should definitely replace traditional fireplaces with closed fireplaces with an insert, or a fireplace cassette. However, fireplaces are not the primary heat generator in every home. Electricity is also used to heat the surfaces of frame houses, or gas, that emit heat through radiators, storage furnaces, or underfloor heating. In this case it turns out, that electric heating, commonly considered expensive, can be more economical and cheaper than gas. The system, which works just as well is forced air heating.

    It heats the air in the rooms, only slightly increasing the temperature in the partitions. Regardless of the type of heating and high tightness parameters, frame houses require an appropriate ventilation system. Materials, they are built of are not resistant to moisture and excessive moisture can lead to permanent damage and destruction of the house structure. Unlike brick houses, internal partitions of houses built in the Canadian system, allow easy installation of ventilation ducts.

    Also whole house insulation, should be located in a way that allows air circulation and the possibility of breathing of individual building elements, so, to reduce the formation of moisture and, as a result, fungus in the wood. Maintaining adequate humidity also affects the health of the household because many people are allergic to fungi and molds.

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