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    June 2021
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    The most common mistakes made when building frame houses

    The most common mistakes made when building frame houses

    It would seem, that the construction of wooden houses is simple. Wooden logs, ready-made modules and a little insulation will be enough, for our dream home to arise. Nothing could be more wrong. The technology of building frame houses is complex and requires knowledge, skill and precision. That is why it is so easy to make mistakes that you have to avoid. Even slight deviations from the basic principles of Canadian construction technology, can deteriorate the durability and quality of buildings.

    The most common mistake is to use raw and wet wood, which is not susceptible to moisture and causes the multiplication of fungi and bacteria as well as damage to the structure of the entire house. There are cases, when sheathing the walls, ceilings, whether the roof is made of furniture boards. Plates used for sheathing,are designed to provide a cover against precipitation and excess moisture from the outside and must be resistant to moisture and the furniture boards do not meet this condition.

    For lower costs or because of poor technology knowledge, garden foil or insulating tar paper is used for insulation. Both of these materials protect against external moisture, but their poor permeability causes, that moisture condenses and seeks an outlet in the center of the building, causing dripstones and often fungal habitats in the corners of the rooms. A similar issue is with the lack of vapor barrier or its wrong arrangement, which in turn causes mold fungus on the surface.

    The house needs to breathe, that is why its proper ventilation and ventilation gaps between the insulation sheathing are so important. Frame houses, Due to its lightweight structure and the materials used, it is easier to conduct sounds than in concrete houses. To reduce acoustics, sound insulation should be increased, especially in sanitary areas and between rooms, to restrict the movement of sound.

    Stages of building a frame house.

    Each construction has a beginning and an end. To reach him and carry out the various stages correctly, it is worth systematizing them. The construction of a frame house begins with a zero state. In the case of a house on a concrete ceiling, this condition is defined as the execution of continuous footings, foundation walls and pouring a concrete slab with all insulation layers. In the case of a house with a wooden ceiling, the zero level has a slightly different meaning, because it determines the execution of benches and erection of foundation walls with a crown.

    The zero state is followed by the state of the skeleton structure, which includes the construction of the building structure with the floor plate. Completion of construction works, roof covering and external wall sheathing with insulation, it is called the open shell. The next stage is the closed shell, which takes into account the completion of the open shell by installing window and door joinery, roof covering and assembly of all sheet metal elements within the roof sheathing. After obtaining such a condition of the building, it is possible to carry out works both inside and outside.

    All facade works, installation of installations inside the building as well as thermal and acoustic insulation, can take place at the same time. Gypsum boards are used to finish the interior and increase fire resistance. Their location, laying floors and installation of sanitary installations, they complete the stage of building houses and finishing works, and the building is thus ready for acceptance.

    Worth noticing, that in the case of frame houses, if weather conditions and the scope of funds allow it, construction takes place at an express pace, and the raw closed tan can be draught less 3 months from the start of construction. The quick way to build is the main advantage of the high interest in this type of construction in Poland.

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