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    July 2021
    P W S C P S N

    The length of the elements of wall panels made of wood

    The length of the elements of wall panels made of wood

    Panels – solid wood boards, the so-called. paneling slats, they can be laid lengthwise in three ways:

    • in full lengths, without cutting (drawing),

    Floor covering made of slats in full lengths.

    • in solids (modular) lengths with staggered joints (drawing),

    Ceiling lining made of slats of equal length joined alternately.

      • in various lengths with a random link (drawing).

    Floor covering made of slats of various lengths joined randomly.

    Cladding the ceiling with full-length wainscot boards is convenient, but rarely achievable in practice. With coniferous wood: larch, a pine tree, spruce, Douglas fir, sometimes it is successful, while for deciduous species: oak, ash, robinii, in elm and birch it is practically unattainable due to the common defects of wood. One major defect in the length of the board 3 or 4 m eliminates it practically from use in its entirety.

    Choice of the same, the fixed length of boards with regular change of joints causes the formation of numerous, useless waste.

    Planks of irregular length, However, not shorter than 40 cm, which resulting from the removal of defects are the best lining material from the point of view of using the raw material. Also cutting the boards at the wall is much simpler with this method of lining than the two previously discussed.

    A constant modulus of length is easily achieved with veneered elements. The length module is then chosen to be such, so that it is a multiple of the dimensions of the lined surface.

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