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    May 2021
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    Tag: varnishing

    • Surface finishing agents

      Surface finishing agents

      Currently, a wide range of varnish products for wood with different composition and properties is produced, different preparation methods and different properties of the coating. It can be said at the outset, that roughly, multi-layer coating always …

    • Applying coatings to wood

      Applying coatings to wood

      In principle, the elements should be coated before their assembly. A good surface finish requires certain rules to be followed. One of them is painting elements lying down, which has the following advantages:

    • Preparation of a wooden surface for varnishing

      Preparation of a wooden surface for varnishing

      A decorative wood panel can never be left unfinished. Wood is a porous material susceptible to contamination. Therefore, they should be covered with a layer of varnish, który będzie chronił powierzchnię oraz uwypukli rysunek

    • Finishing wooden surfaces

      Finishing wooden surfaces

      Finished wood products will be very unstable, if their surfaces are not carefully protected against moisture.

      The most common way to protect wood is to paint its smooth surface with oil paint. Takie wykończenie będzie dobre na przykład do skrzynki na

    • Varnishing and polishing floors

      Varnishing and polishing floors

      The last finishing step is varnishing or polishing. These are treatments that conserve the floor and protect it against moisture and abrasion. In addition, these treatments give the floors an aesthetic appearance. Każdy rodzaj drewna powinien być zabezpieczony przed ciemnieniem spowodowanym głównie działaniem