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    May 2021
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    Tag: veneers (forniry)

    • Wood-based materials

      Wood-based materials

      In addition to the lumber already discussed, made of solid wood, wood-based materials are produced (Lynx.), such as: veneers (forniry), plywood, furniture blockboards, chipboard and fibreboard, sandwich wood, and other types of improved woodwork.


    • Wall panels made of ready-made veneered boards

      Wall panels made of ready-made veneered boards

      In retail sale, you can find veneered boards which, after cutting and making a groove for a foreign tongue, can be used for carpeting. In general, these boards do not have a symmetrical veneer pattern. …

    • Veneer sanding – veneer

      Veneer sanding – veneer

      When sanding on a belt sander, it is not necessary to remove the paper adhesive tape first. However, using cylindrical grinders or a manual scraper and sandpaper - it is necessary.

      Drawing. Time-consuming smoothing of the veneered surface with a scraper knife. Nóż w

    • Cross-sections of veneered elements joints

      Cross-sections of veneered elements joints

      The figure shows the cross-sections of veneered joints – veneered elements. A foreign tongue is most often plywood veneered with the same veneer as the facing side of the floor covering.

      Drawing. Types of carpet joints made of veneered elements – provideowanych: a) foreign pen with a straight …

    • Provide – veneering

      Provide – veneering

      Urea-formaldehyde adhesives are commonly used for veneering. The prerequisite for obtaining a good adhesive mass is the precise weighing of the components, maintaining the correct order of their introduction to the mixture and careful mixing. The adhesive mass is prepared in this way, że do żywicy klejowej

    • Bonding and forming of veneers – veneer panels

      Bonding and forming of veneers – veneer panels

      By bonding and forming the veneer, we mean the process of shortening, narrowing and connecting the lobes in order to achieve the so-called. forms, i.e.. veneer sheet of specific dimensions for direct sticking to the board. Formowanie okleiny przebiega

    • Veneered wooden wall panels – veneered

      Veneered wooden wall panels – veneered.

      Veneered wooden wall panels are more difficult to make, however, they are more aesthetic: They use all the beauty of the color and pattern of wood.

      Already during the harvesting of wood in the forest, he is professionally assessed, which …