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    May 2021
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    • Safety when working on woodworking machines

      Safety when working on woodworking machines

      All of you, who work with wood today, even hobbyists, they use woodworking machines or at least working tools. Description of their construction and use can be found in numerous …

    • Tool sharpening

      Tool sharpening

      Proper performance of any work in the workshop is guaranteed by efficient and sharp tools. Chipped, bent and blunt prevent the achievement of the desired effects of work. Moreover, it is practically impossible to obtain even edges of the processed materials or smooth surfaces. …

    • Workshop tooling equipment

      Workshop tooling equipment.

      The final effect of a given work is often determined by the proper equipment of the workshop with tools. Having all the tools, Instruments and machine tools is undoubtedly the dream of many DIY enthusiasts. Unfortunately, nor the material conditions, neither the size of the home workshop usually allows it. Best …

    • Tools for repairing furniture

      Knife and cutter

      The knife and cutter are tools, which have many uses. They will be useful for cutting veneers, removing paint residues or dirt.

      Tarniki, files, blades

      Rasp is a type of file with thick triangular teeth, which are used for the pre-treatment of wood. …