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    May 2021
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    Tag: materials

    • Wooden log gazebo

      Wooden log gazebo

      Why, despite the huge selection of materials for construction, wooden gazebos are the most popular buildings on the plot? – rhetorical question. Wood is the natural beauty of nature, it is environmentally friendly, practical, aesthetic, affordable, but …

    • Fireproof protections

      Fireproof protection of wooden structures

      Wood it has been used as fuel for centuries. We all associate this material with the forest, campfire, flammability. Flammability is a very serious disadvantage of wood. We must be aware, that if we build wooden constructions this we are …

    • Wood defects


      Defects are always an undesirable element in construction elements. They occur in all types of trees. We should pay special attention to them during the construction of the facility we are implementing. They can significantly change the properties and strength of the material to be built-in. Disadvantages …

    • Wood as a building material

      Wood as a building material

      Wood as a construction and finishing material it owes its popularity to its lightness and strength properties that are sufficient for many applications. It is one of the most commonly used materials in construction and interior finishing. They are used as flooring material, …