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    May 2021
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    Tag: lacquer

    • Wood finishes

      Wood finishes

      The wood surface finishes are diverse. The type of finish depends on the item, his style, type of wood, from which it was made, and from its future destiny, as well as the owner's taste. Najczęściej stosowanym rodzajem wykończenia drewna podczas

    • Dyes and patinas for wood

      Wood dyes

      Wood dyes are transparent liquids, which give the wood the desired color. Suitable solvent, which serves as an adjuvant, affects the properties of the dye, its drying time, consistency and ease of application.
      Aby drewno równomiernie

    • Finishing materials for floors - pastes, waxes and varnishes

      Finishing materials for floors - pastes, waxes and varnishes.

      Materials for finishing wood floors can be divided into traditional and modern. The former include oil paints, pastes and waxes. Malowanie podłóg farbami olejnymi wyszło już prawie całkowicie z