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    May 2021
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    • Standing kitchen cupboard

      Standing kitchen cupboard

      Storing the vacuum cleaner with its accessories and other devices and cleaning products in the apartment is always problematic.

      The most convenient, of course, is to keep the vacuum cleaner in a large one, cardboard box, w którym był on zapakowany podczas

    • Kitchen table for… ironing

      Kitchen table for… ironing

      Ironing has never been a favorite among housewives, even at times, when the kitchens were large, bright, warm and ergonomically laid out. So to make it easier to iron the shirts, tablecloths or cloths, warto wyposażyć własną

    • Kitchen bookshelf

      Kitchen bookshelf

      A conviction has become established, that books should be stored in the library's closet or on the shelves of bookcases located in the rooms. Of course, we do not deny this principle in the case of fiction or scholarly books. However, in every apartment there is …

    • Kitchen spice rack

      Kitchen spice rack

      In modern construction, kitchens are usually very small. Therefore, the residents try to arrange their space in the most economical way, including the surface of the walls. So, a variety of standing and hanging kitchen cabinets are commonly used, of course …