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    June 2021
    P W S C P S N

    Solid wood wall panels

    Planks and slats are the most common panel material. They can be used to line internal and external surfaces, ceilings, walls, attic, staircases, niches, inter-window planes, tops etc..

    We pay attention again, that the wood must be properly dried. Everything that was discussed in the previous articles on drying wood also applies to planks. Therefore, about 2 years of natural drying is enough for outdoor upholstery, in covered piles. For internal padding, especially for rooms with central heating, such drying is insufficient. The sawn timber, cut to a certain length, is still dried in rooms with active central heating (during the winter period) for a period of 2 to 4 weeks, or let it dry in a drying room. Even after artificial drying in a drying room, the wood should remain in the room for 2-3 weeks, in which it will be used for "acclimatization", i.e.. settling of humidity.

    Selection of the width and length of upholstery boards

    The width of the cladding boards, the so-called. paneling boards, as adopted in Poland according to French terminology, as a rule, it ranges from 8 do 14 cm. A width of 10-12 cm is considered ideal.

    The appropriate width must correspond to the appropriate thickness of the board. The tendency to decrease, below the allowable thickness limit of the boards, dictated by the economy of material, it leads to the uselessness of the material. During the drying of sawn timber, a certain deformation of the blank always occurs, which in the further processing manifests itself mainly, the so-called. non-blinking of the planes. These boards can hardly be processed further. Also, profiled joint planes require a suitable material thickness.

    It is recommended to wipe the facing material into thick boards 24 mm. After shaving, a blank 18-20 mm thick is obtained, which is also suitable for long cladding. Still made of thick boards 19 mm (the so-called. three-quarter rounds) a cladding thickness of approx 15 mm, but only of a shorter length.

    Thin slats are cut from the logs for covering gates and doors. Their thickness is only 12 mm, and the width 45 mm. As we have already mentioned, these boards are not suitable for lining walls and ceilings, mainly for aesthetic reasons.

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