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    May 2021
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    Orbital sander

    Orbital sander

    The finishing of the wood surface consists, among other things, in aligning its planes. First we do it with planing, while for the final sanding of the surface we use sandpaper. It is, unfortunately, tiring and tedious processing, therefore it is worth getting another drill attachment, namely the orbital sander. The construction of the grinder is very simple. Drill axis, instead of the spindle, it is connected with the already known connecting nut with a flat plate by means of an eccentric. The sanding plate is covered with rubber foam, on which properly cut sheets of sandpaper are placed. The eccentric set in rotation transmits its vibrations to the plate with sandpaper, grinding the wood.

    The figure shows a cross-section of the grinder. Into the sleeve of the grinder body (1) the narrowing of the drill is inserted and fixed (2), which union nut (3) it is coupled with the eccentric (4). The eccentric is connected to the plate (6) with a bearing (5), while the body of the grinder (1) with the plate (6) – using rubber fittings (7) allow oscillating movements of the plate in relation to the body. The sandpaper is attached to the sanding plate with metal clamps (8) with the steel tips pressing the transverse edge of the paper, the shape and dimensions of which are shown in the drawing.

    While sanding the surface of the wood, hold the drill by its handle, while the body of the grinder is lightly pressed with the fingers of the left hand to the surface being processed. Working with a grinder is quick and not too tiring. You only need to use finer and finer paper for sanding, starting with the grain 60, and ending with 150 or 200.

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