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    May 2021
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    Modern metal and stone gazebos

    Modern metal and stone gazebos

    Garden gazebos are usually associated with wooden ones, cozy buildings and it is in such forms that they most often occur. The bottom line is this, to adjust the gazebo to the climate of our garden.

    If we value classic forms, elegant and modern solutions at the same time, a great idea will be to build a gazebo made of stone. This proposal is especially recommended for large spaces. The material in the form of natural stone used to build the road, granite or sandstone makes this type of investment costly, while professional workmanship guarantees an effective result.

    They are also extremely durable structures, resistant to weather conditions. They do not heat up as quickly as standard building materials, so they keep you cool during the summer heat. Moreover, they are difficult to make, therefore, their implementation is usually commissioned to professional companies. It is important to adapt them to the environment; we have the best effect when the facade of the house, the fence and pavements are kept in the same "stone" style.

    Stone gazebos are most often crowned with roofs with a wooden structure, covered with wooden shingles. The floors, on the other hand, are generally made of concrete cubes or suitably arranged sandstone slabs.

    In this type of structure, three or even only two walls are usually erected, partially built-up, that they guarantee proper air circulation when using the grill placed inside the gazebo.

    However, to the little ones, metal gazebos are ideal for modern gardens, made of aluminum, densely spaced bars. I forma, giving the impression of a light structure may turn out to be a perfect element for building small spaces. Steel building material is easily damaged, therefore, be sure to use special corrosion protection agents.

    Metal gazebos are easy to assemble, so they are most often purchased in the form of ready-made elements, which should be properly connected with each other. The set includes polyester or canvas (in more elegant versions) cover that protects against excessive sun. You can also choose to purchase the visor separately, which then attaches to the aluminum bars.

    For metal gazebos, it is worth buying furniture on cast iron frames; then the whole set will look elegant and modern.

    Garden architecture is not only about charming and cozy wooden houses. It's also elegant, large stone and designer gazebos, metal frames covered with lightweight, airy material. The bottom line is this, that the selected structure is consistent with the atmosphere of the garden space.

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