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    May 2021
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    Magazine container- Gazetnik

    Magazine container – Gazetnik

    We bring the purchased newspapers and magazines home and often put them in a random place. This way they get dirty, they crumple and of course no one in the house knows, where have they gone.

    Therefore, we propose to make a simple container for storing magazines, which can be moved to any place at any time.

    The supporting structure of the container is very simple, it consists of several slats carved from wood. The aesthetic appearance of the equipment largely depends on the type of material used in its construction, so it is best to make it of pine wood.

    Cut the slats from the appropriate pieces of knotless and completely dry lumber, and then carefully plan them mechanically or by hand – with a stream of a trackpad. The elements of the container are shown in the figure.

    Vertical slats (1) are much wider than the rest, because they carry a greater load, on the other hand, their assembly makes it easier to connect with rollers on both sides (4). Horizontal slats (3), shown in the picture, They are equipped with semicircular cuts intended to arrange and stabilize the position of the roller supporting the fabric.

    A few words should be spent on making the rollers (4 i 5). Of course, they can be carved from a square profile, and then smooth with sandpaper. However, it is most convenient to use pieces of a brush stick here, which can be purchased at a household or garden tool store. Such a stick is usually made of beech wood, does not require additional processing (except sanding with sandpaper).

    The method of mounting the rollers in the container elements is shown in the drawing (A i B). The ends of the shafts can be filed down to the diameter, for example 15 mm and drill the same holes in the elements (detail A). You can also adjust the holes to the full diameter of the shafts (20 mm), then connect (previously glued with wikol) drill with a drill bit in diameter 10 mm, Insert a wooden dowel into the hole to strengthen the connection (detail B).

    After gluing the entire container, its surface should be taken (including the roller 5) sand it very carefully with sandpaper, then paint it, preferably with a colorless wood varnish.

    The last stage of work consists in sewing any of them, colorful fabric pocket for magazines. Combination of fabric with rollers (4 i 5) we will make it by nailing it to the wood (textures of length 15 mm) or sewing the rollers into the fabric hinge.

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