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    May 2021
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    Kitchen bookshelf

    Kitchen bookshelf

    A conviction has become established, that books should be stored in the library's closet or on the shelves of bookcases located in the rooms. Of course, we do not deny this principle in the case of fiction or scholarly books. However, each apartment has a certain number of books, which are used in the kitchen. All cookbooks are such books, which for practical reasons should have a permanent place in the kitchen and be always at hand.

    The pictures show a practical bookshelf, designed to be hung in the kitchen. It is an extension of the line of hanging kitchen cabinets, on condition that its colors are properly selected.

    The shelf consists of three plates with dimensions of approximately 250×350 (dimensions can be freely changed – depending on the need) suspended on four nickel-plated tubes with a diameter 10 or even 8 mm. The way of connecting the elements of the shelf is shown in the drawings.

    In the corners of the plates, holes are drilled with the diameter of the supporting tubes. To ensure that these plates fit properly, fasten them with a carpenter's clamp and drill holes in them at the same time. If the boards that make up the shelf are laminated, the holes must be drilled very carefully, on both sides yes, that part of the laminate will not be torn off when the drill goes to the other side of the wood. Laminated boards are very convenient to use, because they do not require surface finishing treatment, but any other material can be used here, for example, plywood, lumber, etc..

    Nickel-plated tubes constituting the support structure of the shelf can be purchased in non-socialized trade. These are elements manufactured as spare parts for standing lamps. You will need to buy either four tubes of the appropriate length or two (threaded on both sides and provided with nuts) double length to be cut to the desired size to the height of the shelf. Holes with a diameter are drilled in the tubes 3 mm. Put into these holes the steel pins that fix the panels at the appropriate levels. We hang the shelf on the wall with two steel and rigid booms used to attach the rails supporting the curtains and window curtains. We can buy inexpensive booms in household goods stores or make them ourselves, using a very rigid sheet steel thickness 3 mm. We can also attach the shelf differently, for example, on steel lugs, which are used to attach hanging cabinets.

    Installation of the shelf is very simple. It consists in inserting the tubes into the holes of the plates until the bottom plate rests on the stop nuts. Then the disc moves upwards like this, so that the middle one is directly above the holes for inserting long pins (in the middle of the shelf), and the upper plate rests on short pins pressing the booms additionally bolted to the plate with wood screws.

    The shelf should be hung on the wall using appropriate screws placed in plastic or wooden dowels.

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