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    May 2021
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    Jigsaw saw

    Jigsaw saw

    The jigsaw saw is an attachment for a drill that enables longitudinal cuts, transverse and along curved lines of wood, wood-based materials, from synthetic materials, and even metals. So it is a fully universal tool. The jigsaw principle is shown in the figure.

    The drill drives the disc, whose eccentrically located steel pin is inserted into a metal gutter that forms a whole with a rod equipped with replaceable blades. The rotating disc causes the saw blade to reciprocate, who cuts the wood.

    The construction of the jigsaw is shown in the figure. Korpus (1) it is connected with a drill (2) using a clamp tightened with a screw. Union nut (3) inside the disc (4), connected with a peg (5) with a gutter (6). The gutter is fixed with a screw to the bolt (7), at the lower end of which the saw blade is stuck (8). The tool is pressed against the sawn wood with a metal sledge (9), whose position can be changed, cutting the wood at an angle.

    There are various saw blades on sale. Those with larger teeth are used for softwood, with medium to hard and for wood-based materials and for plastics, and for metal, saw blades with small serrations are used, made of special tool steel.

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