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    July 2021
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    How to make a wooden gazebo from logs yourself

    How to make a wooden gazebo from logs yourself

    We put wooden or brick gazebos on our plots and gardens. Usually the former look more aesthetic, especially if some original design is chosen. It is definitely worth considering putting up a log gazebo.

    Highlander gazebos are very stylish. If just such an object will be erected in our garden or on our plot, it is also worth choosing folk furniture and possibly other garden decor items. Is it possible to build such a gazebo yourself?? If someone has certain skills in this direction, and also some experience, it definitely is. You just need to know how to go about it. You should definitely start with the design, and then implement it by making subsequent elements of the gazebo structure. We start, of course, by digging the foundations and filling them with concrete or reinforced concrete. Then the ground logs are placed, on which all the others will be placed. They are quite heavy, although, due to the size of the gazebo, not so much, as in the case of building a log house. Felt is placed between the logs. Because it acts as a sealant, it is not absolutely essential for gazebos. However, on the other hand, it looks nice and very characteristic of the highlander style. So let's use it. In turn, wedges made of wood are used at the corners, which should be driven into holes made in logs. Additionally, steel anchors are also used, which strengthen the connections between the logs.

    When the log structure is ready, the roof truss must be made of boards. After that, tar paper is usually used, to prevent the roof from getting wet and it is finished with the selected material. Certainly, thatch fits the log arbor very well. The thatched roof does not present any special problems at present. Therefore, it is safe to take this into account. A highlander gazebo in the garden or on the plot makes a really good impression. You just want to rest or eat meals in it. Since you can build a log house, it is even more a garden gazebo. You just need to get the right materials and protect them against unfavorable weather conditions and insects.

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