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    June 2021
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    How to make a simple cheap gazebo

    How to make a simple cheap gazebo

    The easiest and cheapest way is to make an open gazebo from wood, supported on four poles. It can be a very nice garden decoration and a place for barbecue, rest or shelter from sun and rain.

    If someone does not have the building skills or the time, he can just buy a ready-made gazebo, which only needs to be properly assembled. On the other hand, building it yourself from scratch, is a challenge and an interesting idea for spending time actively. You have to think a little, so that everything looks good, the way we want and at the same time move a little, and that's healthy for sure. To make a simple gazebo for a garden or a plot, you do not need any special design, not much money. Of course, however, you have to plan and calculate how many and what materials will be needed. Concrete or reinforced concrete will be required to make the foundations. You can also buy bricks for the foundation. While, to put up a gazebo, you should buy beams and boards, which should be planed and impregnated. Alternatively, you can do it yourself.

    First step, it is laying the foundations. Sometimes concrete poles are enough. After digging approx. 80 centimeter holes for posts should be covered with rubble and poured with concrete, in which steel anchors are placed. With their help, it will be possible to properly and permanently attach the poles. The simplest arbors do not need to have walls. However, if someone decides to make the floor and walls of boards, then the gazebo will make a more solid impression. As for the roof, it is due to the design of the gazebo that it should be light. It can be covered, for example, with shingle or thatched roof. However, it will be faster and cheaper to use a sheet for this. It does not require a special wood skeleton. If you want, you can also paint the gazebo in an interesting color. Important, to match our garden and home. Of course, if you prefer, he can build a brick gazebo in his garden or on a plot of land. However, this requires more time, as well as money. On the other hand, it is more durable. Much depends on whether we need an object, which will decorate the garden or something more practical and closed, even for tools.

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