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    May 2021
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    How to build a gazebo from glued laminated timber

    How to build a gazebo from glued laminated timber

    We will show you in detail, how to make a wooden square gazebo with dimensions with your own hands 4 on 4 m of glued laminated timber under a hipped roof.

    We start by marking the perimeter and laying the foundation . We're digging holes in total 16 pieces in depth 500 mm, on the bottom we pour crushed stone and sand, we flood 500 mm of concrete mix, we lay out the reinforcement mesh and fill it with mortar, we put the blocks on top. We put waterproofing of the roofing material on the blocks.

    The construction site should be cleared of debris, and the top fertile layer should be removed around the perimeter of the future wooden gazebo

    The next stage is the lower frame. We arrange and fasten square timber with a cross-section 150 * 150 mm around the circumference. Inside made of wooden boards 150 * 50 we assemble the base of the future floor. Then, depending on the level, we reveal the vertical posts – We make the supports of the gazebo from square timber with dimensions 150 * 150 mm. We attach them to metal corners.

    remember, to check vertical columns using a plumb line

    We connect all the supports from above with square timber 150 * 150 mm. From the sides, to strengthen the frame, in some places between the vertical posts we install jumpers, they have the same cross section, what support.

    Install in the middle of the gazebo 2 vertical beams, from the top we connect them with a wooden square – torusem, it will serve as the basis for the second tier of the roof.

    The cut-out for fixing the frame should be made in the middle of the square timber.

    top, roof

    We attach the rafters to the torus. They come from square timber 150 * 50 mm, are connected by a special metal holder. We install the turret on the torus.

    Corners must be galvanized steel

    Clad the rafters with moisture-resistant plywood. The roof is hipped with a small turret in the center. Height to the top node of the ridge 5 m. We cover the roof with a soft bituminous tile.

    For the roof covering, moisture-resistant plywood with a thickness is suitable 12 mm


    It is better to make a finishing floor from a grooved terrace board. Based, across the wooden beam, special guide beams are laid, to which the terrace boards are attached with clips.

    A grooved board floor is not afraid of moisture and does not require additional processing, easy to clean.

    In the spans, between vertical posts, we assemble the gratings from a bar with a smaller cross-section and frame them with slats. We treat all wooden elements with antiseptics, flame retardants and paints.

    You can make decorative wooden gratings yourself, the pattern can be any

    A separate platform can be made near the gazebo, on which the grill will be installed. Flowers and shrubs are planted around the perimeter of the gazebo. It only remains to hang the curtains and arrange the furniture .

    Stained oil and exterior paint are usually used to finish the gazebo.

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