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    July 2021
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    General rules for laying floors from planed boards and floor boards

    General rules for laying floors from planed boards and floor boards

    Solid wood or glued plank floors are attached to the joists by nails. The joists should be perfectly level. The dimensions of the cross-section of the joists are from 8X4 cm to 10X6 cm. The spacing of the joists depends on the thickness of the boards.

    The spacing is used for floor boards 50 cm, and for solid wood planed boards from 60 do 80 cm. Floor boards can also be glued directly to a concrete base.

    The work of laying a plank floor begins with nailing the first plank along this side of the room, which is perpendicular to the joists. The first board is nailed at a distance 2 cm from the wall. Closed head nails should be used for nailing the boards, or tap them diagonally into the lower groove. The latter method can only be used with tongue and groove boards.

    Another one is placed on the first board, presses it against the previous one with a staple and a hardwood wedge and nails it. The last board is pressed against the wall with a wedge and nailed from above. Nails should be hammered as close to the wall as possible, so that their heads can be covered with a skirting board.

    Glued floor boards can be glued to the concrete base with glue, just like mosaic tiles.

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