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    May 2021
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    Designs and prices of garden sheds

    Designs and prices of garden sheds

    One of the classic forms of a garden arbor is a shed- simple structure consisting of four vertical poles, supporting the main element of the structure, i.e. the roof. Wooden shelters are most often built, but they can also be made of other materials, e.g.. in the form of a steel or brick structure. Wooden building material is used primarily for small garden objects. Brick or stone shelters are characterized by higher costs and longer construction time. Steel skeleton sheds are generally used in typically large commercial facilities.

    In order to be able to build a carport on your plot, a number of requirements must be met. Where its projected area does not exceed 25 m kw. (in the city) and 35 m kw. (out of town) a notification to the appropriate authority is sufficient (municipalities, starosty) the intention to build the facility. The office has 30 days to consider the application and possible objection. If the structure does not conflict with the spatial development plan or other restrictions, you can proceed to action. However, if the carport exceeds the above-mentioned area, you should ask the offices for a building permit.

    An important document, what we must have at our disposal when reporting the construction is a precise shed design including accurate calculations in accordance with the imposed guidelines, especially calculations regarding the expected loads acting on the structure, mainly snow and wind). To this end, it is necessary to comply with the EU standards defining the maximum possible burdens, it is therefore necessary to consult a number of legal documents.

    In case of a positive response ex officio, we can start construction on the basis of your project. First of all, we put solid foundations, to which we attach vertical poles, a na nich dach- most often one or two slopes. The roof, which is the basic element of the shelter, requires a solid base. Depending on the size of the construction, various types of structures supporting and strengthening the roof slopes are used.

    In the absence of experience in construction, you should have a ready-made project prepared by a specialist. In addition to the possibility of buying the project, we can also commission the entire project to a company, experienced in providing this type of services. We will then have a guarantee of high quality and safety in use. Using manufacturers' help may even turn out to be cheaper, and certainly faster than acting on your own.

    These simple structures are often connected to a garage, utility room or grill. Such multi-functional rooms are, of course, more expensive than classic buildings, and its final valuation varies between 4 thousand. bad 12 thousand. PLN. The cost includes design and execution. Tent sheds are the cheapest, because it is made of inexpensive materials. Depending on the size and equipment, you can buy them even for several hundred zlotys.

    In order to use the free space next to the house in a practical way, it is worth thinking about building a shelter, which is properly composed with other elements of the garden, it can be an effective whole. However, one should remember about the legal conditions of such construction and the detailed description of the project.

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