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    July 2021
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    Foundations for the gazebo, design elements

    Foundations for the gazebo, design elements

    Creating a gazebo design requires imagination, but also the appropriate knowledge and skills. Then they are used when placing a gazebo in our garden or plot.

    The construction of a wooden gazebo includes subsequent stages, which include preparation: foundations, foundations, floor, walls, roof and finish. To make solid foundations, you must first dig deep ditches. Then they should be filled with reinforced concrete or concrete. When the foundations are ready, a brick foundation is made, and then a plank floor. Next step, it is generally a wooden skeleton of a gazebo. Sometimes it consists of poles, that support the roof, but many garden or allotment objects of this type have walls made of boards or logs. Usually, it is quite time-consuming to make the roof of the gazebo. First, a truss is made of boards, then a layer of tar paper is laid, and finally, the roofing is made.

    In case of, when the gazebo has a light structure, there is no need to make a foundation slab. It can only be mounted on concrete poles. They should be buried into the ground to a depth of approx 80 cm. After digging holes in the ground, gravel is poured in and cement mortar is poured. However, of course, a garden or allotment gazebo does not have to be made of wood. It can be built of bricks or hollow bricks. Usually one layer is enough, therefore, they are simply laid by joining them with mortar. Then plastering and possibly painting are needed. Wood, on the other hand, requires planing, followed by appropriate impregnation, to be resistant to moisture and insects. There are people for whom building a gazebo on their own is an interesting challenge. Although you can order the finished product without any problems, they enjoy doing this job. Of course, some knowledge is necessary here, because everything must be well measured and solidly made. However, there is also a certain difference between a small gazebo, which is actually only a decoration and support for climbing plants, and a gazebo more like a garden house. Its construction requires actually specialized knowledge and experience. It is also a job for several people, not for one.

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