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    May 2021
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    Finishing wooden surfaces

    Finishing wooden surfaces

    Finished wood products will be very unstable, if their surfaces are not carefully protected against moisture.

    The most common way to protect wood is to paint its smooth surface with oil paint. Such a finish will be good, for example, for a balcony flower box. Unfortunately, furniture shelves or furniture elements painted with oil paint do not look good.

    So you can use a colorless oil varnish or even a quick-drying nitro varnish, which will not cover the grain of the wood. Apply the nitro varnish with a brush to the wood (contrary to popular belief, to make it purely by shower). Let's remember, that in order to get pretty, a slightly shiny and even surface of the varnish, the first layer is applied using a wide one, flat brush with undiluted paint, straight from the can, the other, after the first is dry, with paint thinned with nitro solvent.

    If we want to bring out the drawing of the rings, the finished object can be lightly tanned over the gas burner, for example such, which are used in the school's chemical lab, or if the item is large – use a gasoline soldering lamp. Be especially careful when burning wood, not to start a fire. Therefore, all flammable substances should be removed from the workplace and a wet rag should be prepared, to cover the smoldering wood with it, if necessary. Ready, We paint the tanned object with a colorless varnish, remembering, to carry out this operation in a well-ventilated room, because the solvents contained in the varnish emit vapors that are harmful to health, what is most important – are easily flammable or even explosive.

    Other types of surface finishing, for example varnishing, are rarely used by DIY enthusiasts due to the laboriousness and experience required.

    The easiest and most impressive way to decorate the product is to cover its surface with a properly glued wood-like wallpaper, which can be easily purchased in chemical stores. Vinyl wallpaper is best for these purposes, self-adhesive, which sticks to the wood like a plaster. It is covered with a thin glue side, greased paper, which tears off just before it is applied to the wood surface. If, however, we buy wallpaper without an adhesive layer, we will use casein glue or wick to fix it. Vinyl wallpaper has the advantage, that its surface can be cleaned, if necessary, with a wet cloth with the addition of saponifiers.

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