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    June 2021
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    Quick Homes – frame houses

    Quick Homes – frame houses.

    When deciding on a new home, we want, to be built as soon as possible. Unfortunately, in the case of building a house in traditional technology, it takes time and appropriate climatic conditions to build it. Such a situation generates additional costs in the form of paying rent for flats, in which we must stay until construction is completed. The situation is different in the case of building houses in the Canadian system.

    Frame houses are built quickly and this is their main advantage. Some projects limit the conduct of wet works, which allows their construction even in winter. Frame houses are built on the basis of a steel or wooden frame. We can often use ready-made structures made at the factory to order and properly stored. Sound insulation is placed between the skeleton elements, thermal insulation and external insulation to cope with changing atmospheric phenomena. The external and internal cladding are OSB boards fixed to the skeleton, with adequate resistance to moisture. The very finishing of the house from the outside and the outside takes place very quickly and there are no restrictions as to the use of specific materials.

    House built quickly, while maintaining appropriate technologies and basic construction principles, it is not only home, we can move to within a few months of starting construction. Such a house also has other advantages. Undoubtedly, they are easy to maintain, energy efficiency and economy as well as a positive impact on the environment. One of the few disadvantages that can be pointed out by this type of structure is the limited span of the ceilings, which limits the surface possibilities of houses.

    However, there is also a way in which appropriate girders and ceiling joists are used. So when choosing your dream home, it is worth taking a look at this fast and ecological technology.

    Precision and proper construction technique are the basis for building frame houses

    Finding the right home design, be it traditional or made of wood, it's only half the battle. The investor faces the biggest dilemma when selecting a contractor. Because whether to trust advertising and affordable price or use experienced ones, albeit more expensive contractors? Frame houses can be built by almost everyone, but only a few professionals have the appropriate knowledge and qualifications in this field.

    For in fact it turns out, that correctly building a house in Canadian technology is not that simple. Companies inexperienced and poorly prepared, they are not able to catch basic errors in the construction phase, often the low price of services and the cost of building houses goes hand in hand with the use of low-quality materials. As a result, the home may become uninhabitable. Therefore, precision is important, adherence to the rules and appropriate construction technologies. Wood is a moisture-absorbing material and a great home for fungi and bacteria.

    Chemical impregnation is temporary and has a negative effect on the inhabitants. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to its processing. To, used in the construction of frame houses, it should be kiln dried and planed four times. Such a procedure makes, that wood loses its properties as a nutrient for fungi and becomes resistant to moisture. Another important element is proper floor insulation, ceilings and other construction elements, to protect the entire structure against the effects of external environmental factors, and the remaining moisture inside the house.

    Properly selected vapor barrier materials and arranging them in accordance with the rules and air spaces, allowing the walls to breathe, it will reduce the condensation of moisture from the outside in the spaces between insulations.

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