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    June 2021
    P W S C P S N

    Highlighting the surface with wooden panels

    Highlighting the surface with wooden panels

    The wood-lined surface clearly contrasts with the others, e.g.. plaster, wallpaper, stone lining, etc.. It becomes an eye-catching surface and as such it should be used in visible places, both indoors and outdoors. An example of emphasizing the niche of the house facade with a wooden lining is shown in the drawing.

    Establishing a living room wall, lined with wood with a passage to the dining room separated by a sliding wall made of leather-like material is shown in the drawing.

    Shaded areas or such, which is not exposed to direct daylight, lining with light wood, on the other hand, sunlit surfaces can be lined with darker wood. The intensity of daylight and artificial lighting also determines the choice of the shade of wood. We will not darken the dark rooms with wood yet.

    This should always be borne in mind, that any wood covering always absorbs more light than white plaster paints.

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