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    May 2021
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    Dyes and patinas for wood

    Wood dyes

    Wood dyes are transparent liquids, which give the wood the desired color. Suitable solvent, which serves as an adjuvant, affects the properties of the dye, its drying time, consistency and ease of application.
    So that the wood absorbs the dye evenly, clean and degrease its surface beforehand. To do this, remove unnecessary dust with a damp cloth soaked in mineral turpentine.

    Soluble dyes

    They are dyes dissolved in gasoline or a hydrocarbon-based solvent. Coloring agents can be purchased ready-made. They do not damage the grain of the wood and have a greater ability to penetrate into its structure than other preparations. We put them on with a cloth, because they are quickly absorbed by the wood.

    Alcohol paints

    They are based on powdered aniline, which is dissolved in methylene or alcohol solutions. They come in a wide range of colors, which can be mixed. We apply paints with a brush, szmatką bądź pistoletem lub poprzez zanurzenie w nich odpowiedniego przedmiotu.
    To barwniki szybko schnące, co utrudnia naniesienie jednolitej warstwy na duże przedmioty.

    Farby wodne

    Są dostępne w postaci kryształków lub proszku w rozmaitych kolorach. Substancje można łączyć w celu zwiększenia palety barw. Farby nakładamy delikatną szmatką, pędzelkiem lub gąbką. Po zastosowaniu tego rodzaju farb należy zabezpieczyć powierzchnię drewna. By uniknąć zniszczenia struktury słojów, Before painting a given surface, it must first be moistened.

    Artificial patinas

    Artificial patination is the action of one or more factors on the surface of an object, which we are going to give the effect of old age. Ready patinas are offered in the form of an aqueous or oily substance. The most popular are gold-colored patinas, in a wide range of tones and shades.

    Oil paint

    They dry slowly and come in a wide range of colors. They have a greasy consistency. Pigment particles contained in these paints mix with linseed oil and dissolve in turpentine.


    The most commonly used patina. It is dense, dark brown substance of mineral origin, for artificial patination, which gives items the effect of old age. Dissolves in turpentine, so it can be combined with liquid wax, with oil paints and varnishes.


    They are used for coloring varnishes used to obtain a patina effect on wood or metal.

    Liquid wax

    Liquid beeswax is a colorless substance that allows you to obtain the appropriate color of the wood. This wax can be applied with a sponge, to obtain an artificial patina effect.

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