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    July 2021
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    Designs of gazebos for the garden and the plot

    Designs of gazebos for the garden and the plot

    How should you go about putting up a garden or allotment gazebo?? There are definitely a few things to consider first, then choose or create a project on this basis and finally buy the necessary building materials. Alternatively, you should also apply for a building permit.

    Of course, you need to plan what the gazebo will be for, because its size depends on it and whether it will be open or closed. It can play a decorative role and then it will be small and openwork. If we want to eat our meals there, it has to accommodate a table and chairs. Or maybe it's supposed to be a tool house? Some, however, put up woodsheds or sheds for firewood in the garden. So, the design of the gazebo must definitely depend on it, why we put it in our garden or on the plot. It should also take into account the need to match the appearance of the gazebo to the house or garden. The point is, so that everything fits together nicely.

    After all, important decisions need to be made regarding the final gazebo shapes and materials, from which it will be built. The brick gazebo is more solid than the wooden one, but it takes longer and more money has to be spent. Besides, many people are careful, that wooden objects are prettier. Highlander log gazebos look particularly impressive. It turns out, that you can make such a house yourself. There are, of course, people, who immediately decide to have a ready-made garden or allotment gazebo and also order an assembly team. On the other hand, some people enjoy the thought, that they will build something on their own in their garden. You should start with making the foundations for the gazebo. If the gazebo is to be small, concrete foundation pillars are enough, but a larger facility needs a solid foundation. Then either a wooden structure is created, or the bricks or hollow blocks are joined with mortar. It is worth considering the shape and angle of the gazebo roof. Although the easiest way to make a flat roof, it will not be practical in winter. It will just snow on it. The implementation of a sloping roof is one of the elements of securing the arbor for the winter. After all, even if someone puts up a simple and cheap gazebo, he wants it anyway, that it will last as long as possible.

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