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    July 2021
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    Designs of arbors and sheds for wood

    Designs of arbors and sheds for wood

    Persons, that they use in their home or cottage on a fireplace plot need to store wood somewhere. It is quite a practical idea to build a special woodshed outside. You just need to plan how exactly it should look like.

    The simplest gazebo is usually enough to store wood, which you can do yourself. This type of carport needs only a floor, two walls and a ceiling. It can be placed against a house wall or fence and then it will be directly supported from the back. Breaking such a gazebo is not too much of a problem. You can also buy it quite cheaply. Usually there is a kind of grille on the sides. The protruding canopy prevents the wood from getting wet in the event of rain. Appropriate impregnation protects against mold and insects. There are different colors to choose from. In addition to the shelters, there are also wall-mounted hoods, shelves and pergolas for wood. The advantage of such facilities is this, that usually the wood is quite well exposed to sunlight and therefore dries faster.

    Some people, however, decide to build a slightly larger and more solid woodshed for fireplace wood, but not only. If there is more space in such a room, it can also be a house for tools or skis, sleds and other things, which are not currently in use. Such a storage room can be very useful, especially if you don't have much space in your home. Then it should certainly be closed. It resembles a small shed, which is made of wood, because it's faster this way, more convenient and cheaper. Besides, it is a rather airy facility, which is good for the need to dry the wood. When designing a shelter or woodshed, in which the firewood will be stored, always have to be taken into account, that they have a roof and are airy. Otherwise, the wood will be exposed to damp and mold. It is also important to locate such a gazebo in our garden or plot. First, it should be the place, which is often exposed to sunlight. Second, the object should be set there, where the wind blows the most, what will be caused, that the draft would become even more intense.

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