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    July 2021
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    Construction of a brick gazebo

    Construction of a brick gazebo

    Before we put a gazebo in our garden or on the plot, you need to find out in what case you need a building permit or obtaining a permit for it. It depends primarily on its surface area. But when we already know how big we want a gazebo, you have to consider whether it will be wooden or brick.

    The brick building is admittedly more expensive, but more solid and more resistant to weather conditions, mold or insects. In addition, it is safer when it comes to possible break-ins into the gazebo. If you bring electricity to such a house and arrange heating, then you can use it all year round, which is especially useful on the plot. Certainly its advantage compared to the wooden gazebo is this, that it is not flammable. Before starting construction, its appearance should be designed, then make a shopping list. A brick garden house can be made of bricks or blocks, which will be joined with mortar. When everything is bought, you can start digging the foundations. To be sure, that the foundations are solid, they can be made of reinforced concrete or concrete, and then make a floor screed. The construction of a brick house involves the use of the so-called wet technology. It is related to the use of mortar to connect bricks or blocks. Gazebos usually have single-layer walls. Certainly, log garden houses look more attractive, while many people are convinced of the brick gazebo, however, for practical reasons. Besides, it can be finished really nicely.

    It is worth considering the shape and finish of the roof carefully, because if the house is to be a place for garden tools or even an accommodation facility for children or guests, it should have a really durable roof. First of all, it's best, to be sloping, because then it will not snow on it in winter, burdening him with no need. When it comes to roofing, you can choose between bitumen shingles, wooden, sheet or plastic cover. It's finally time to finish the gazebo. It can be plastered with a special mortar or plaster, and then paint it nicely. Brick gazebos are usually closed, but it is also possible to make an open facility in this technology.

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