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    June 2021
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    Construction and covering of the gazebo roof

    Construction and covering of the gazebo roof

    The roof is an extremely important element of any gazebo. On the one hand, it has a practical function, protecting against sun or rain. On the other hand, it can be a real decoration for the gazebo and give it a unique character.

    Starting with the foundations of the gazebo on its roof, all elements and work should be well planned. Thanks to this, the end result will be solid and aesthetic. When it comes to the roof, you should first consider what shape it will have, tilt angle, and then what materials it will be made of. A dome-shaped roof can be designed, gable, hexagonal, tented or flat. However, the latter option is the least recommended. It takes a little less effort and materials to make a flat roof, but its downside is this, that in winter it will be covered with snow. Accordingly, the roof and the entire structure of the gazebo will be unnecessarily loaded. In addition, snow can make roofing materials wear faster.

    What does the roof structure look like? The roof truss is made of boards and slats. OSB boards can also be used. Then it's time to insulate the roof. Papa is best for this. Thanks to it, the gazebo roof will be protected against moisture and water leakage. After all, you have to decide on some kind of roofing. Wooden shingles are used here, bituminous, plastics, tile or thatch. It all depends on what the idea for the gazebo is and on the financial possibilities. Surely, it takes less effort and effort to buy a ready-made gazebo, but on the other hand, building it yourself gives a lot of satisfaction. Besides, if some kind of repair is needed at some point, then you can take care of it yourself. The roof most often requires repairs after winter. A person who knows the rules of creating a permanent roof structure, performing insulation and covering the roof with selected materials, it should easily be able to rebuild it. It's best to take care of such activities right away, whenever we notice, that something is breaking. Otherwise the damage will increase and it will be more complicated to repair.

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