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    May 2021
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    Circular saw

    Circular saw

    One of the most frequently used attachments for a drill in DIY is the PRXu35B circular saw, produced by the Celma plant in Cieszyn. Chainsaw, depending on the type of disc, can be used for longitudinal and transverse cutting of soft and hard wood, wood-based panels, plastics, etc.. It is equipped with a large-toothed cutting disc, which is quite universal, because it enables both longitudinal cuts, as well as crosswise of soft and medium hard wood.

    The figure shows a cross-section of the saw mounted on the drill. The saw consists of a body (1) duralumin die-cast with handle. The cylindrical part of the body overlaps the narrowing of the drill housing (2) and it is connected to the drill with a screw clamped sleeve. There is a hub inside the body (3), in which there is a nut screwed on the drill axis in place of the three-jaw chuck, acting as a drive for the saw. There is a cutting disc at the outer end of the hub (4) fixed with a screw (6) through the overlay (5). The cutting blade passes through a slot cut in the skid (8), from the outside, it is secured with a cover (7), which, under the pressure of the cut material, folds back, while after the blade passes through the material, it automatically covers the saw blade under the action of the return spring. The new saw is sold with the wood splitting wedge not fitted. Before starting its operation, the wedge must be fastened with two screws as described in the manual.

    The saw makes it possible to cut wood with a thickness of up to 65 mm, however, the load on the drill motor is so great, that it slows down noticeably. So take your time and put too much pressure on the machine when cutting thicker wood, so as not to overheat and burn the engine.

    When preparing wood for cutting, remember, that the kerf produced with a circular saw is much wider than with a manual wood saw, moreover, each shield has a different cut. This must be borne in mind, especially when tracing the material, and take into account the necessary machining allowance.

    Be very careful when working with a saw, it is a very dangerous tool. Under no circumstances should you open the guard while the saw is running with your hand. Therefore, the power switch on the drill should not be blocked. Need caution, that the power supply cable for the drill is always as far away from the rotating disk as possible. When starting a cutting, you must first start the tool, and only then bring the saw blade closer to the wood being processed. However, after finishing work, immediately remove the plug from the socket. Leaving the machine unattended may result in accidental pressing of the switch and starting the engine.

    The saw has an angle adjustment for cutting the wood, which is performed by loosening the wing nut and turning the skid in relation to the cutting disc plane. The second wing nut allows you to adjust the blade protrusion above the skid, thus adjusting the cutting depth. Let's remember, that both wing nuts are always tightened securely, accidentally changing the position of the cutting blade while the saw is running may result in an accident.

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