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    May 2021
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    • Impact socket

      Impact socket

      Drill attachment, enabling drilling holes in brick and concrete walls faster and much easier than forging them by hand, it is only indirectly related to the processing of DIY materials, however, it is difficult to …

    • Jigsaw saw

      Jigsaw saw

      The jigsaw saw is an attachment for a drill that enables longitudinal cuts, transverse and along curved lines of wood, wood-based materials, from synthetic materials, and even metals. So it is a fully universal tool. The principle of the jigsaw is presented …

    • Orbital sander

      Orbital sander

      The finishing of the wood surface consists, among other things, in aligning its planes. First we do it with planing, while for the final sanding of the surface we use sandpaper. It is, unfortunately, tiring and tedious processing, therefore it is worth getting another one …

    • Circular saw

      Circular saw

      One of the most frequently used attachments for a drill in DIY is the PRXu35B circular saw, produced by the Celma plant in Cieszyn. Chainsaw, depending on the type of disc, can be used for longitudinal and transverse cutting of soft and hard wood, plates …

    • Finishing wooden surfaces

      Finishing wooden surfaces

      Finished wood products will be very unstable, if their surfaces are not carefully protected against moisture.

      The most common way to protect wood is to paint its smooth surface with oil paint. Takie wykończenie będzie dobre na przykład do skrzynki na

    • Whatnot

      Whatnot – Removal of wood decay and reconstruction of wood losses. Furniture attacked by bark beetles or mechanically damaged is seemingly unusable. However, it is worth repairing damaged equipment and restoring its functionality and former nobility. It requires a lot of commitment, ale wynagrodzeniem

    • Wood finishes

      Wood finishes

      The wood surface finishes are diverse. The type of finish depends on the item, his style, type of wood, from which it was made, and from its future destiny, as well as the owner's taste. The most common type of wood finish during renovation is varnishing.

      Polyurethane varnishes…

    • Dyes and patinas for wood

      Wood dyes

      Wood dyes are transparent liquids, which give the wood the desired color. Suitable solvent, which serves as an adjuvant, affects the properties of the dye, its drying time, consistency and ease of application.
      So that the wood absorbs the dye evenly, należy uprzednio oczyścić

    • Tools for repairing furniture

      Knife and cutter

      The knife and cutter are tools, which have many uses. They will be useful for cutting veneers, removing paint residues or dirt.

      Tarniki, files, blades

      Rasp is a type of file with thick triangular teeth, which are used for the pre-treatment of wood. …

    • Damage and repair of wooden items

      The most common damage to wooden items is permanent stains, wood decay, the presence of fungi, cracks and crevices, veneer damage or other structural losses, that need to be recreated.


      Woodworms eagerly lay their eggs in the cracks and crevices of the wood. Chrząszcze te stanowią wielkie