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    May 2021
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    Frame houses

    • The popularity of frame houses

      The popularity of frame houses

      Frame houses appeared in Poland not so long ago, and they already have their supporters and opponents. Nevertheless, day by day they are gaining more and more popularity in the construction market. Proporcjonalnie do zainteresowania

    • Think of an ecological house

      Think of an ecological house

      Today, more and more people find in themselves the need to protect and associate with nature. From crowded and polluted cities, they move to the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle. Ze względu

    • 10 basic rules for building frame houses

      10 basic rules for building frame houses

      The great interest in frame construction energizes the business machine, where it is easy to find dishonest contractors and construction errors, which will create a bottomless financial well from an energy-saving and easy-to-use house. Aby ustrzec się przed kataklizmem

    • The most common mistakes made when building frame houses

      The most common mistakes made when building frame houses

      It would seem, that the construction of wooden houses is simple. Wooden logs, ready-made modules and a little insulation will be enough, for our dream home to arise. Nothing could be more wrong. Technologia budowy domów szkieletowych jest skomplikowana

    • Finishing the frame house

      Finishing the frame house.

      Frame houses have this property, that both from the outside and the inside, we can finish them in any way. Despite the, that the basis of their construction is a wooden structure, there are few restrictions. Wykończenie elewacji od zewnątrz może stanowić tynk

    • Quick Homes – frame houses

      Quick Homes – frame houses.

      When deciding on a new home, we want, to be built as soon as possible. Unfortunately, in the case of building a house in traditional technology, it takes time and appropriate climatic conditions to build it. Taka sytuacja generuje dodatkowe koszty w postaci opłacania

    • A guide before you buy a plot for a house, go to the commune!!!

      Is there a plan?

      All information regarding the plot should be carefully checked at the Commune Office, in the area of ​​which it is located. Let's remember, that seller, intentionally or unknowingly, may mislead us. The rules are changing, zmienia się faktyczny czy prawny status nieruchomości i

    • The soul of the house of wood

      Log houses have been in fashion for over a dozen years. Such houses are built very quickly and you can live in them right away. Apart from the foundation, floor and chimney on the ground, they do not require any wet works, dlatego można je stawiać