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    May 2021
    M T W T F S S

    Container for vegetables and bottles

    Container for vegetables and bottles

    Contemporary small apartments are also equipped with miniature cellars. Therefore, you should think about it, what can be done, to properly manage their surface. We propose to build a very simple and practical container for vegetables equipped with several drawers, for the storage of potatoes, carrots, onions etc.. Such a container, shown in the figure below, it may be provided with a plurality of laterally projecting pins to accommodate empty bottles, which will not dust, and at the same time they are properly aired out before using them again.

    The container consists of four plates (a, b, b’, c) cut from plywood approx 15-20 mm or from blockboard. You can also use a thick one (25-30 mm) chipboard, which, however, is very brittle and more difficult to handle (its sharp edges are easily damaged, the cross-section is chipped), and besides, it is heavy. The sides of the container are connected with wooden pegs 8 mm and wood glue. The structure is supported on four blocks (e1, e2, e3 and e4) heights 100 mm to isolate the bottom plate of the container from the basement floor. The front part of the container is completely covered at the bottom by a strip d yes, that a box is created there (not extendable) enabling the storage of more heavy vegetables, for example, cabbage. Above this box, the sides of the container are provided with horizontal strips with a cross-section of 20×20 mm serving as drawer guides. On the side of the container there are triangular slats equipped with wooden pegs with a diameter 12 mm for hanging bottles on them.

    The drawers of the container have their bottoms pierced with a drill bit in diameter 26 mm (holesaw powered by an electric drill), to allow air access to the vegetables on the bottom.

    Paint the entire container with wood oil enamel – first with a primer, and then with a topcoat twice. The color of the paint is completely arbitrary.

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