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    June 2021
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    10 basic rules for building frame houses

    10 basic rules for building frame houses

    The great interest in frame construction energizes the business machine, where it is easy to find dishonest contractors and construction errors, which will create a bottomless financial well from an energy-saving and easy-to-use house. To guard against a cataclysm and enjoys a dream home for years, and even decades, it is worth getting some advice and reading some basic information, significant for the construction of houses in the Canadian system.

    First, wood used for construction should be chamber dried and planed on four sides. This process protects the wood against moisture and fungi. Po drugie, it is worth relying on ready-made modules when building, prepared at the factory and properly stored. The next important elements of construction are: adequate floor insulation and the use of wind and moisture insulation, with appropriate parameters, strength and in the way it is arranged, which will allow the walls to breathe. Sixthly, it is important to use corrugated polystyrene.

    Such polystyrene protects the walls against moisture from the outside. Another basic rule is to build economically to reduce expenses, as well as proper arrangement and protection of installations inside the building, which will prevent possible failures. The proper functioning of the house is necessary without ensuring air circulation and proper ventilation. If we want to stay in harmony with nature, it is worth trying, for our house to be built without the use of chemicals. Unfortunately, all wood impregnations have an impact on humans.

    In order not to use them, the wood must be properly planed and dried at high temperature, which deprives the wood of substances that feed fungi, or bacteria. To increase the fire resistance of the interior of a frame house, a wall cladding in the form of drywall is used. It is a durable and cheap solution.

    Frame houses – advantages and disadvantages.

    The idea for a frame house appears more and more often and is expanding the group of its supporters. There, who have the opportunity to live in such buildings, are able to clearly define their advantages and disadvantages. So, before deciding to build a frame house, it is worth taking a look at the opinions of others and check how to build an ideal house and avoid mistakes. The number one advantage is the short construction time. Construction speed should not be, however confused with lower cost, because in this case they are comparable for houses built in traditional and frame technology.

    Frame houses have good thermal protection despite the small thickness of the internal walls. The wall thickness parameters are of great importance. It turns out, that when building the same body in two separate technologies, we obtain a larger usable area in the frame house. Dry construction technology allows for the performance of works in the winter and quick cleaning of the site after the completion of the construction. Frame houses adapt to the owner. They are easy to rebuild and adapt to his needs. Technology should be placed on the downside, which in Poland is in the crawling phase. Technology has gained momentum in recent years, but the percentage of professionals, who know their stuff continues to grow at a slow pace. In order to make a house properly, appropriate rules and technologies must be used, which have been perfected over the years in the States and Canada.

    Unfortunately, there are often professionals in Poland, who use human naivety, which ends up with financial losses of the investor. The same goes for the wood used in construction. Often, ignorance of the owner and greed of contractors lead to the use of raw and wet wood, not subjected to appropriate and heat treatment and without protection against fungi and mold. The result is cavities, construction defects and moisture in the house. Which can lead to additional costs or exclusion of the house from full use.

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