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    August 2021
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    Wood finishes

    Wood finishes

    The wood surface finishes are diverse. The type of finish depends on the item, his style, type of wood, from which it was made, and from its future destiny, as well as the owner's taste. The most common type of wood finish during renovation is varnishing.

    Polyurethane varnishes

    These are synthetic resin compounds used to protect various surfaces. Shops offer tinted polyurethane substances, composed of two separate components, which must be mixed before use.
    They are very practical to use, because they can be applied like a coat of paint. However, you need to get a soft-bristle brush and remember, to apply at least two layers of this preparation.

    Synthetic varnishes

    They are used to finish wood, its security and decoration. They are a protective layer of wood, revive its color, they add intensity and shine to objects.
    Currently produced varnishes are based on synthetic resins and water. They are permanent, they dry quickly and do not turn yellow.

    Shellac polish

    The polish is applied to the surface with a sponge or a special tampon. For an even and shiny coating, very thin layers of polish should be applied. Perfect for finishing less damaged furniture.

    Acrylic enamels

    Acrylic enamels dissolve in water and penetrate deep into the wood, without damaging the natural ring pattern. They are produced in a variety of colors; durable and easy to apply; for this reason, they often replace oily polyurethane varnishes.

    Acrylic paints

    Water-based fast drying paints; offered in a wide range of colors, which can be combined. They are used to paint wood, previously cleaned and primed, or well-polished plaster surfaces.


    Beeswax used for wooden surfaces must be dissolved in a 50% solution of pure turpentine.
    The preparation easily combines with the dye; available in the most popular wood colors.

    Applying wax

    The final stage of the renovation work is the application of wax, which nourishes the wood and gives it a satin look. Using a cloth, we apply a thin layer of wax to the wood, and after a few minutes, polish the surface until it is glossy. The varnish should not be applied to the waxed surface.


    A type of emulsion made on the basis of natural resin obtained from tiny insects. Shellac is sold in the form of small granules, which must be dissolved in methyl alcohol.

    Cotton cloths

    Cotton cloth made of loosely woven cotton fibers, resembling a thick sponge, it is extremely useful in renovation works. Such a cloth easily absorbs moisture and is perfect for applying shellac or paint on wood.
    A good cloth should not fray. It can also be used for polishing waxed surfaces, polishing or removing patina.


    The market offers a large selection of brushes for various purposes. Coarse bristle brushes will be most suitable for renovation work (for applying cleaning preparations or patina) and soft brushes for applying enamel and coloring foundations.

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