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    August 2021
    P W S C P S N

    Wood flooring

    Wood flooring

    The need to develop construction in Poland, including especially housing, is generally known. The shortage of flats and other public utility premises will require many radical changes in many areas of construction, including the production of finishing materials.

    One of the interior finishing elements of all buildings are floors. In the current industrialized housing construction technology, floors were mainly laid with PVC tiles or other plastic coverings.. The only advantage of these floors, and only from the performer's point of view, was the ease and speed of teaching. It is difficult to comment on utility values ​​at all.

    Traditional wood flooring has become rare in recent years and has become a symbol of wealth. And yet about the decision of a hundred of them

    Too much money rarely played a role. Rather, health and utility considerations prevailed. The undeniable advantages of wooden floors include high durability, good thermal insulation, ease of maintenance and repair, and health and aesthetic properties.

    The main reasons behind the decline of traditional wood flooring are high costs, including a significant share of the cost of laying, and the market shortage of wood flooring. The latter could be largely mitigated by developing key industries and crafts producing various wood flooring. Raw material, mainly in the form of hard hardwood, there are quite significant stocks in Polish forests. Especially when considering possible uses for these purposes, e.g.. by craftsmanship, wood of inferior quality.

    The problem of the high cost of wood flooring can also be solved. One way is to minimize the cost of laying and finishing. Work on laying parquet is difficult, but feasible by a person with a DIY talent. It is easier to lay mosaic and plank flooring.

    This chapter is a supplement to wood wall and ceiling coverings. The goal is to provide practical tips to DIY enthusiasts, who will take the trouble of laying and finishing wooden floors.

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