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    August 2021
    P W S C P S N

    The soul of the house of wood

    Log houses have been in fashion for over a dozen years. Such houses are built very quickly and you can live in them right away. Apart from the foundation, floor and chimney on the ground, they do not require any wet works, therefore they can be placed all year round. Due to the natural building material, log houses are considered very healthy and are recommended mainly to allergy sufferers. Due to the small thickness of the walls, the usable area of ​​such houses is larger than that of brick houses with the same outline. The method of such building is very old: both manor houses were built in this way, as well as country cottages that have more than 100 years. Back then, cords were used for sealing, tow, shavings and also moss.

    Currently, logs most houses are built of spruce or pine logs, chamber-dried to humidity 14-18%. Small scratches appear on the bales during drying, which, however, do not affect the quality of the building material. Four-sided planed rectangular logs are used for construction, usually thicknesses from 8 do 11 cm. They are combined in a traditional way. There are also round logs in diameter 14, 16, 18, a nawet 23 cm with milled sockets and locks.

    The logs are impregnated by immersion in a water solution of boron salts or by painting with a preparation with fire-retardant and fungicidal properties.

    Log houses have many benefits. Heating a house made of wood requires less energy than buildings made of other materials. Timber houses, thanks to lower heating costs, they not only benefit the owner's pocket. Less energy needed to heat your home means at the same time, that in the production of thermal energy from gas and coal, commonly used in Polish homes and heating plants, less carbon dioxide will be released into the atmosphere. Log houses are ecological 😀

    Log houses also have aesthetic values ​​because they are made of hundreds of wooden elements, each of which is unique and decorative in itself. No two houses are alike, even based on one project. In such houses there is a favorable interior microclimate, human friendly: warm in winter and cool in summer. In a building with log walls, we have a beautiful wall texture, which will never get bored. Contrary to appearances, such houses also have high fire resistance thanks to the use of elements with massive cross-sections.

    ladies and gentlemen! It remains to build and make your dreams come true for a house for generations 😉

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