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    August 2021
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    Wooden log gazebo

    Wooden log gazebo

    Why, despite the huge selection of materials for construction, wooden gazebos are the most popular buildings on the plot? – rhetorical question. Wood is the natural beauty of nature, it is environmentally friendly, practical, aesthetic, affordable, but most importantly, it is easy to process, therefore, making wooden gazebos is available not only to professionals, but also easy to make by hand.

    In the article we will analyze, which tree is better to choose for the arbor, how to determine the shape and type of structure , how to make a project , calculate dimensions , process the material. And, of course, we will describe in detail the technological process of building a gazebo from wood, photos will help illustrate the key steps.

    Types and forms

    Despite this, that the gazebo belongs to small architectural forms, can significantly affect the overall landscape design. But apart from the design , by building a wooden gazebo, must be taken into account:

    – what functionality it will be equipped with ;
    – how many people are planned to be there;
    – whether the gazebo will be used only on warm days, or do you need to equip it for the winter

    Based on these conditions, the type of wooden gazebo in the complex can be determined.

    A gazebo made of raw logs looks colorful

    Closed gazebos are smaller summer pavilions, must have a floor, roof and closed sides – solid walls, which can be made of wooden lattice or blind, trimmed with a board, with logs or wood , in some cases they are glazed.

    Closed gazebos from the log house keep heat well, but for greater comfort, you can install a stove or carry out heating in a house made of wood and logs

    Open wooden gazebos this is probably the most popular type of building on a private plot. Usually it is small, light structure consisting of column and support supports, which serve as a bar or log, and the roof . To facilitate use and to emphasize the authenticity of the space, a wooden attic was placed around the perimeter of the gazebo, such a building is decorated with a lacy wooden carving, bars or carved figured elements, for example, balusters.

    Carved wooden gazebos are a real masterpiece and decoration for the gazebo , photo shows, how you can decorate a building

    Wood is an easy-to-work material: it can be bent, cut a curved element, saw at different angles, etc.. Therefore, arbors are made of wood, there are enough photo examples both in this article, and on the Internet, they can be absolutely any shape : rectangular, multifaceted, round, with vaults, as well as combine several spaces with different geometries at the same time, for example, the economic area has a traditional shape, and the seating area is semicircular.

    Gazebos made of rounded logs, with the appropriate selection of the project, they look simple and elegant.

    The greatest demand is for rectangular log and beam structures. It is understandable: such forms save material; wood and log have a simple construction scheme; often such a gazebo is built of wood with your own hands, and not all home craftsmen have carpentry skills, because: the simpler, the better, usually vertical supports made of wood or logs are sheathed with decoration; this geometry is aimed at the ergonomics of space, mainly spaciousness, for example, benches can be placed around the perimeter, and in the center there will be room for a table and free movement.

    Tree stumps can be used instead of logs

    Wooden gazebos – with your own hands you can build both large, and small. But with an independent project, it is worth considering the length of the timber and logs, and on this basis, choose the size of the arbor, to reduce the number of joints and minimize clipping.

    Wooden gazebos for summer cottages can be made not only of logs and beams, with a little imagination, even with simple elements, you can build an original architectural composition

    Which tree to choose for the construction of an arbor

    The modern construction market abounds in wood offers, and today a gazebo can be built from logs, square timber, boards, glued panels, and in addition, ready-made carved elements can be used additionally, curly pillars, gratings, balusters, etc.. Not to mention that, that you can bring material from the forest, and in the garden to build a stylized gazebo made of logs and round wood, buildings made of birch trunks look especially colorful. And there are also ethnic wooden gazebos, picture below, made of bamboo or woven from willow twigs.

    Rural gazebos made of wood, photos of stylized buildings

    The gazebo is usually an unheated structure, which is constantly exposed to the influence of the environment, therefore, it is better to choose wood that is resistant to extreme temperatures and moisture. It is recommended to build a cedar arbor, olchy, oak, pine trees, larch. But in any case, all wooden elements should be painted with protection, anti-fungal and fire-fighting wood preservatives.

    By building a large gazebo with a massive roof or by planning glazing , after erecting the frame from a horizontally laid bar or log, it is better to wait for the shrinkage of the structure, 3-6 months, depending on the moisture content of the material and only then install the door and window openings, then install the rafters and lay the roofing material.

    We have already mentioned, that wooden and rounded logs occupy leading positions in the construction of the arbor with their own hands. Then we will discuss the features of the material in more detail and give examples, from which tree it is better to build arbors.

    Finnish home gazebo made of logs

    The arbors made of round logs are undoubtedly fundamental structures: reliable, massive, environment friendly, blend in well with the landscape, especially if there are large trees in the garden or the house is made of the same material.

    Bala is flat, calibrated shape, which greatly facilitates the assembly of buildings. Thanks to the appropriate geometry of the material, the design is neat. But building logs alone is very problematic. The material is quite heavy, therefore, a foundation should be laid under a large building , and for small arbors from a log, you can arrange a flat platform and place blocks in the corners.

    Do-it-yourself wooden gazebo, photo of the log connection
    Log cabins, photos of open structures, the striking roof balances the massiveness of the building

    Recently, closed gazebos made of logs have become in demand – these are full-fledged houses in the countryside, real huts, very original and functional. And if you take into account the good thermal insulation of the log, with adequate insulation , you can spend time in such a gazebo even in winter.

    Building a large gazebo with closed logs is a serious and costly problem, but the log structure is convenient to handle not only in the warm season, but also on cold days.

    Bar gazebo – do it yourself, built by all the rules, will last a decade. The most affordable of all types of this material is planed wood, non-profiled, with natural moisture. Usually it has a square cross section and is made of softwood. It is the cheapest wood compared to other species, but it loses its aesthetics. As a rule, non-profiled timber is used for the construction of the gazebo frame , which will be closed with a soffit, decorative grids or decorated with carved elements.

    For closed-type gazebos, it is recommended to use profiled timber for the construction of hollow walls. Special spikes and grooves for fastening greatly facilitate the assembly of wooden gazebos, and additionally ensure the accuracy of assembly and perfect geometry. Profiled beams are usually used in the construction of gazebos, in which the attic is a blank wall, or closed grill houses in the Finnish style.

    The most expensive wood is glued, but it is also the most reliable. For its production, the wood is specially sorted, dried, and then selected lamellas made of it, which are glued together under a large press to form a solid square timber. This technology ensures the stability of the wood, even with intensive wood work: with a high temperature difference or high humidity, the mechanism of mutual compensation begins to work. The surface of the material is well polished, therefore, gazebos made of glued laminated timber do not require additional processing with abrasive materials. As a rule, the frame is made of laminated veneer lumber, which is then sheathed. And what is very important, the frame made of glued laminated timber has practically no shrinkage.

    Wooden gazebos, photo of a winter house connected to a bar

    Designing a wooden gazebo is an interesting and creative process. First of all, it is necessary to decide on the construction site and mark it on the land development plan, designate all trees and buildings, which fall into the construction zone.

    Then you need to make a sketch, which will show the shape and design features of the gazebo . It is important at this stage, to think about functionality, the size of the structure depends on it. It would be nice to have a playground and a swing nearby, so that during joint meetings the child is always "in front of our eyes".

    The recommended size of one side of the wooden gazebo is no more than 6 m, it is the length of the log and the bar. The optimal size is 3 * 3,3 * 4,3 * 6 m. The height of the building is 2,3-3,0 m (without a roof). It is enough for one person sitting at the table 2 m² , to the recreation area a comfortable area for 1 persons. 4 m² . The slope of the roof depends on the choice of roofing material , usually a little more than 30 ° .

    When the problem is resolved with the design, functionality , design and dimensions, you can draw a drawing of a gazebo made of wood. Sketch the area on the plan, point, where the foundation pillars will be located : best what 2 m, in the corners and in the center, at the intersection of diagonals.

    Important: If a gazebo made of logs or a bar, it will be equipped with a grill , be sure to tick, where it will be located, because it requires a separate foundation. For a barbecue , for fire safety reasons, it is better to lay out the area near the gazebo made of logs or squares.

    Construction of logs and beams, photo of a wooden gazebo with a barbecue, a brick foundation under the stove, stone or concrete and asbestos sheet fireproof insulation.

    INSTRUCTION movie how to build a gazebo


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