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    August 2021
    P W S C P S N

    Additional bank account – way to save

    Not everyone has saving in their blood, however, it can be learned. People use different methods. Some people rely on time-consuming writing down of expenses, collecting receipts and analyzing the budget. Others follow promotional newsletters and hunt for discounts. Still others choose a piggy bank – a popular recipe is tossing into „pigs” all five zloty coins from the wallet. But a piggy bank can be safer and more convenient. Wirtualną jej wersją jest dodatkowe konto bankowe.

    How a bank account is conducive to saving?

    Although it seems, że wirtualne pieniądze wydaje się dużo łatwiej niż banknoty i monety, Electronic banking gives a lot of room for the implementation of regular putting aside money. Actually – w ciągu miesiąca wydawanie funduszy może wymykać się spod kontroli. Therefore, the whole thing should start when the payment is credited to your bank account. This can be done while paying the bills – but what exactly?

    To save effectively, it's worth making a habit. The first step will be to establish, how much per month we want to save. Will it be a percentage of the money earned?, or maybe always the same amount? Or maybe a bonus, jeśli podstawowe wynagrodzenie pozwala na bieżące wydatki. Realną sumę należy zawsze przelać na dodatkowe konto bankowe – economical or not. Interest-bearing versions will slightly increase the money collected, however, their greater advantage is the restrictions related to paying out. They are intended to discourage transactions – after all, it is about saving.

    Tips for saving with an additional account

    Najważniejsze jest nauczenie się nowego nawyku. It's a good idea to do this when paying monthly – putting money aside will become one of the mandatory „accounts”. Payment of a given amount at the beginning of the month – then, gdy zarobione środki widnieją na koncie bankowym w pełnej okazałości – will avoid ill-considered expenses.

    Let us not be discouraged, jeśli zapomnieliśmy lub coś poszło nie tak. Let's test, how much money we are able to save – even 50 PLN a month gives a year 600 PLN. To już daje pełną kwotę, which can be spent on pleasant expenses.

    Konto bankowe przeznaczone na oszczędzanie It should also not have an assigned payment card. Or at least – we shouldn't wear it. This account is special – we only take measures in exceptional circumstances.

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