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    July 2018
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    Month: July 2018

    • Impact socket

      Impact socket

      Drill attachment, enabling drilling holes in brick and concrete walls faster and much easier than forging them by hand, it is only indirectly related to the processing of DIY materials, however, it is difficult to …

    • Jigsaw saw

      Jigsaw saw

      The jigsaw saw is an attachment for a drill that enables longitudinal cuts, transverse and along curved lines of wood, wood-based materials, from synthetic materials, and even metals. So it is a fully universal tool. The principle of the jigsaw is presented …

    • Orbital sander

      Orbital sander

      The finishing of the wood surface consists, among other things, in aligning its planes. First we do it with planing, while for the final sanding of the surface we use sandpaper. It is, unfortunately, tiring and tedious processing, therefore it is worth getting another one …

    • Circular saw

      Circular saw

      One of the most frequently used attachments for a drill in DIY is the PRXu35B circular saw, produced by the Celma plant in Cieszyn. Chainsaw, depending on the type of disc, can be used for longitudinal and transverse cutting of soft and hard wood, plates …

    • Processing wood with power tools

      Processing wood with power tools it is not only much easier than manual processing, but it allows you to achieve effects that were previously completely unattainable. All over the world, there are many different companies specializing in the production of these devices. Jedne produkują więc urządzenia wyposażone we własny

    • Finishing wooden surfaces

      Finishing wooden surfaces

      Finished wood products will be very unstable, if their surfaces are not carefully protected against moisture.

      The most common way to protect wood is to paint its smooth surface with oil paint. Takie wykończenie będzie dobre na przykład do skrzynki na

    • Gluing wood

      Gluing wood

      We use a connector in the form of glue to connect non-dismantled wooden elements, which, after drying, forms a durable bond that connects wood with wood. Kleje pochodzenia zwierzęcego dzielą się na kleje glutynowe do łączenia „na gorąco” i kazeinowe do łączenia „na



      In practice, there are many different ways of joining wooden elements. So we distinguish between nail joints, for screws, for dowels and glued joints. Of course, mixed connections are also used, for example, dowel joints reinforced with gluing, etc.. Oprócz tego występują

    • Wood turning

      Wood turning

      Wood turning consists in cutting the processed material with a turning knife or a hand-held chisel (wood turning); the cutting tool then being almost stationary, however, the turned material rotates.

      Przeznaczony do toczenia kawałek drewna musi być najpierw przygotowany do

    • Drilling holes in wood

      Drilling holes in wood

      Drilling holes in wood consists in making round cuts or sockets in wood for joinery joints without the use of chisels. At the same time, the holes and slots can be through or so called. blind.

      W profesjonalnych warsztatach stolarskich do wiercenia